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The MBA Center offers a wide range of VBAT prep services: group classes, private tutoring, online courses. We invite you to come and visit our center every Saturday (10h-13h) to take a free diagnostic test, check our facilities, meet our students and determine a personalized study plan with our VBAT experts.

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About the VBAT

Why MBA Center

MBA Center Brussels

The MBA Center Brussels is one of the oldest MBA Centers in the world; it was created in 1998 and has trained thousands of students to the VBAT, IELTS, IELTS and GMAT.

The MBA Center Brussels is a gateway to top European and US business schools, with hundreds of students already accepted at top universities and business schools. The MBA Center Brussels is known for its outstanding success rate in MBAs, EMBAs and MIMs with students accepted at Harvard, NYU, INSEAD, LBS, IE, IESE, HEC, ESCP Europe…

In order to get such academic great results, the MBA Center has developed a unique expertise to allow its students score high on standardized tests such as the VBAT, SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, and IELTS. The MBA Center offers courses adapted to each your needs: group classes, online classes and private tutoring.

Thanks to its reputation, MBA Center is also the official partner of Educational Testing Services (TOEFL, SAT, GRE…) and the exclusive sponsor of the QS World MBA tour.

Study with test experts

MBA Center Brussels only employs teachers who score in the top 5% on the VBAT and who participate in its R&D program. They are all experts in the test they teach. The books produced by MBA Center are recognized for their quality and published by the largest educational publishers in Europe (Hobsons, Studyrama, Hachette Livres, Ellipses…).

Finally the MBA Center courses are recommended by ICHEC, EPHEC, the ULB, all of whom use our test-prep services.

Unlimited Number of Teaching Hours

Our intensive course lasts 10 hours; you can renew as many times as you want. In addition we offer weekly tests at our center.

Material developed by our own experts

MBA Center is the premier test prep center placed in non-English speaking countries, with students who are aiming for top business schools; therefore, MBA Center has developed a strong methodology to help non-speaking students to score high on the Verbal.

Comprehensive Service

The VBAT is only one from a selection of many factors from which business schools will select candidates, the others being international exposure, leadership, grades, professional qualifications, quality of the professional project, the contribution of the student to the school's community, and finally diversity.

MBA Center has the premier coaching department where we will train you to convey in your CV, your essays, letter of reference, interview, and the requirements of the schools.

Our Courses

VBAT intensive

  • 10 hours of class
  • Instructors who have scored in the top 5% of the test
  • Weekly tests at our center
  • Test-like practice questions
  • small groups (max 6)

VBAT Anywhere

  • 10 hours of online lessons
  • Instructors who have scored in the top 5% of the test
  • Flexible schedule
  • Tests-like practice questions
  • Small groups (Max 3)

VBAT 1 on 1

  • Flexible schedule
  • Individualizedstudy plan
  • Weekly tests at our center if you book more than 10 hours
  • Instructors who have scored in the top 5% of the test
  • Tests-like practice questions


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