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Dr. Hubert Silly


Hubert Silly created MBA Center in Paris in 1996. He is primarily known as a pioneer in the educational industry. createdthe first test prep centers in Germany (1998); Belgium (1998); Spain (1998); Italy (1999); Switzerland (2000);Portugal (2001) and Tunisia (2010).is also the creator of the World MBA Tour—a series of MBA fairs throughout the world gathering the best business schools. The World MBA Tour was launched in 1996.

Created the concept of “edutizing”, a revolutionary concept combining education and advertising using social communities, gaming,participation in e-learning platforms.

Today, is best known as a test prep expert. He has scored perfect scores on the GMAT and the LAST. He has been invited by numerous publishers to write books explaining his unique methodology. has written over 50 books on French tests such as the Tage-Mage, the Tage 2,and Arpège. He has also published books on language tests, including the TOEFL, the TOEIC, and the IELTS. He is an expert on thedevelopment of global educational systems, including books and e-books for self- study, test development, adaptive e-learning platforms,and material for in-class instruction. is recognized by many test makers as the leading expert in the industry, and has mastered a broad variety of tests, ranging from the TOEFL to the GMAT to the Tage-Mage.

For the last several years, has also become known for his admission consulting. Over 1200 students have used his services. He is likely one of the top ten MBA coaches in the world. He is usually present on Saturdays at MBA Center Brussels where he can meet student, teachers and coaches.