Three Major benefits of pursuing an MBA

by Emel

Deciding to pursue an MBA is a major decision for any individual, not only because of the financial investment it entails, but also because of the career prospects it promises. Even though for most recent graduates, returning to school after bachelors doesn’t seem like an appealing idea, an MBA degree offers insight to all the undertakings and roles in a business; thus, an MBA helps students learn what businesses do to make money. While it is true that pursuing an MBA is a serious commitment in terms of time, effort and money, the degree comes with a window of opportunities that cannot be overlooked. Here are three major benefits of pursuing an MBA:


1)   Wealth of knowledge

An MBA program not only teaches you notions, philosophies, models and ideas but also their execution. While it is true, that entrepreneurship is an innate ability and innovation cannot be taught, an MBA program helps to nourish and polish these skills. Tapping into this wealth of knowledge and receiving feedback from experienced professors and professionals is beneficial to both, those eyeing to launch their own business and those aiming to help flourish well-established businesses.


2)   Entry ticket to many different careers and opportunities

An MBA program will expand your knowledge of several core areas, including Finance, Economic, Statistics, Accounting, Sales, Marketing and Talent Management, subsequently qualifying you for many different business and public sectors. Additionally, many management jobs have MBA listed as a required qualification. Most Senior Managers and Directors worldwide hold an MBA degree. Thus, whether you yearn to advance your career by acquiring a leadership role in your current company, whether you aspire to launch a new career or whether you wish to venture into the entrepreneurial world by venturing your own startup, an MBA is likely to help you realize your goals and enhance your accomplishments.  


3)   Networking

As is often said, it is not all you know but rather whom you know that gets you places. Business Schools provide many opportunities for their MBA students to meet recruiters, key note-speakers, Chief Executive Officers, established Businessmen and startup launchers. Moreover, throughout the program you get to interact with and learn from, your professors and other like-minded ambitious students; the internships you pursue pave yet another way to meet people. You also gain access to the alumni network of your school. This extensive network of business professionals is likely to prove itself beneficial not only when you are searching for a job after your MBA, but throughout your career.


Thus, if you feel that you are ready to take the next step in your career and want to acquire a leadership position, pursuing an MBA might count in your favor.