How to write a winning Essay for a Business School?

by Emel  

You have taken or retaken your GMAT and hopefully, you have scored high. You have talked to your recommenders and informed them of the necessary deadlines. You have shortlisted your schools and decided on the ones you want to apply to. Now, all that is required of you is the dreadful task of preparing the application. Here comes the ESSAY!

As scary as it may seem, the essay is one of the most important parts of your application. It gives the admission officers an insight to who you are. Grab this chance to make a memorable first impression. Below are some tips that can help you in doing so:

1.     Sell the entire you to the admissions officers in a winning manner.

Share your story; talk of your passion. Tell them what makes you unique and tell them what you can bring to their community; speak of how you will add to the diversity of an already diverse setting. Basically, discuss who you are. Talk of how your objectives, goals and ambitions are aligned with and can be supported by their program of study; clearly and concisely explain why you want to pursue the program they are offering and point out its relevance to your post business school plans. Thus, it is important that you conduct ample research on the schools you are applying to and take advantage of the important information gained in the essay to appeal to each of the schools you are applying to.

2.     Don’t try to look perfect.

No one is perfect. We are human and we learn as we grow. The important point is to learn. Talk of how you overpowered impediments to mature; speak of your ability to treat failure as a learning experience. You want your story to have an upward trajectory. Rather hiding your failures, embrace them and talk about how they helped you change as a persona and grow.

3.     Talk of your accomplishments without bragging about them.

Just stating that you are a leader is not enough. Mention some story, or some other evidence that shows you to be a leader. Thus, state the leadership positions that you handled; refer to the initiatives you took. Be concrete. Cite the results you accomplished. Tell them how you as individual, with your talents and abilities made a difference. Talk of what you brought to the table in case of teamwork.

4.     Be clear of why you want a Graduate Business Degree.

Business Schools will always look for entrants who are dedicated, determined and self-aware. Hence, be sure to clearly confer why you want to attend graduate school, why you want to business school and why you want to attend the business school you are applying to in particular. Talk of the particular skills that you are looking to acquire. Mention the skills you want to develop. Discuss how the school can help you achieve that. Also, mention how you believe your degree can further your professional career and success.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, make sure that you are honest and correct in terms of your language. Do not make any grammatical errors; get your essay proofread by multiple people before getting to the final version. Obviously, proofread it multiple times yourself too. Most importantly, don’t stress. You have gotten this far. You can do it! Good Luck!